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Blood donation is an important part of the life. If a person is quite healthy and fit and in the age between 18 to 65 can easily donate the blood to save the life of the needy person. As we all know that human body contains at least 5 to 7 liters of blood by body weight in the body so    if a person donates one unit (350 ml) blood once or twice in a year it will not harm the person and body will soon recover it. The donated blood is stored in the blood bank for further use and this blood of the single person can save the life of three persons at a time because blood has three components RBC, Plasma and Platelets. These three components can be transfuse to three separate persons to save their lives. It shows that the donated blood of one person can save the life of three persons .Blood plays an important function in the body it exchanges the gases, transports the essential material to the body tissues, maintain the body temperature and PH .These days camps are conducted by different organizations to collect the blood donated by large number of persons and then blood stored in the blood bank for further use. Large number of BMLT final year students of UTTARANCHAL (PG) COLLEGE OF BIO-MEDICAL SCIENCES also participates in the blood donation camps with full interest and devotion



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