Blue green algae

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“Blue green algae” plant like organism found in salt water and some large fresh water lakes.They have been used as a source of vitamin –B ,dietary protein and iron. They can be used for treating diabetes , stress , depression, premenstrual syndrome , lowering cholestetrol.

Spirulina:- contain beta carotene and phycocyanin both pigments act as antioxidants and helps to reduce inflammation beta carotein has been observed to promote eye health. It’s high in iron and vitamin .

Some studies have found that spirulina  can help to reduce total cholesterol and lower blood pressure ,it may also help to protect against liver damage.

Cyanophycea:-Cyanophyceae are found in snow and in hot springs, weather conditions and water is 85°c. Blue – green algae add organic matter to the soil and increase soil fertility.

Chlorella:-, micro-algae improve immune function and may be effective against various disease.


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