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Blogs posted by UCBMSH - Life science Degree courses college in Dehradun ( Doon ) , Uttarakhand , India .

Mahseer in Dehradun

Mahseer is derived from the hindi words “Maha” meaning big and “seer” meaning head or a fish with big head.  Mahseer is one of the most important ‘GAME’ and food fishes of India. The fish hooked for the purpose of sport and subsistence is cal..


A biofilm is a collection of microbial communities enclosed by a matrix of extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) and separated by a network of open water channels. These communities adhere to manmade and natural surfaces, such as metals and teeth, typic..

Conservation of Sparrows

Sparrows that were commonly found in the past are rarely seen now, thanks to urbanization. Loss of habitat and lack of food are among the prime reasons for driving house sparrows out of the cities. Conservation of the house sparrow and its habitat is the ..

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