NATIONAL CONFERENCE ( NRMAA-2016), March,18 & 19

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National Conference on ” Natural Resource Management, Avenues and Application” (NRMAA-2016) which will be held in Uttaranchal (P.G) College of Bio-Medical Sciences  & Hospital, Dehradun, on Dated 18 & 19 March, 2016.

Uttaranchal (P.G) College of Bio-Medical Sciences invited participants to join the National Conference and get benefited with the talk of eminent Scientist, Academician, Researchers & innovators.

Overview of the Conference-

Natural resource management is a discipline in the management of natural resources such as land, water, plant, soil and animals, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations. Management of natural resources involves identifying who has the right to use the resources and who does not for defining the boundaries of the resource. The resources are managed by the users according to the rules governing of when and how the resource is used depending on local condition.

A successful management of natural resources should engage the community because of the nature of the shared resources the individuals who are affected by the rules can participate in setting or changing them. The users have the rights to devise their own management institutions and plans under the recognition by the government. The right to resources includes land, water, fisheries and pastoral rights. The users or parties accountable to the users have to actively monitor and ensure the utilization of the resource compliance with the rules and to impose penalty on those peoples who violates the rules. These conflicts are resolved in a quick and low cost manner by the local institution according to the seriousness and context of the offence.

The demand for resources can change with new technology, new needs, and new economics (e.g. changes in cost of the resources). Some material can go completely out of use, if people do not want it any more. Demand of natural resources is very high, but availability is very low. All places have their own natural resources. When people do not have some natural resources, their quality of life can get lower. So we need to protect our resources from pollution. Renewable resources include crops, wind, hydroelectric power, fish, water, soil, sunlight etc. Many people carefully save their natural resources so others can use them in future. Many people are working to conserve, or protect, natural resources. In addition, scientists are working on ways to produce energy and goods without causing pollution or using up valuable natural resources.

Many people fear that humans are destroying the world’s natural resources. Clearing land for farming and building wipes out forests and the animals that live there. Cars and factories use huge amounts of oil every day. They also release poisonous chemicals that pollute the air, water, and soil. Many people are working to conserve, or protect, natural resources. In addition, scientists are working on ways to produce energy and goods without causing pollution or using up valuable natural resources.

Covered Area of Seminar

  • Life Sciences,Biotechnology/Microbiology
  • Forestry, Chemical Sciences
  • Agricultural & Horticulture, Environmental Science
  • Drug discovery/ Pharmaceutical
  • Herbal formulation/Naturopathy
  • Technology & Management

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