Effect of tourism on faunal and floral diversity of Sahastradhara

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In any region tourism helps to educate the visitors, provides funds for conservation, and directly benefits the economic development and political empowerment of local communities. Due to continuous and unsustainable mining for lime stone, Shastradhara hills badly affected  in terms of soil  and vegetation effects. Unmanaged tourism results extinction of native flora  and expansion of invasive species such as Lantana camara , Eupatorium  adenophorum,  Ageratum conyzoides   and many other xerophytic  herbs due to low moisture content in soil . Aquatic and semi aquatic  plants  such as Equisetum, Rorripa,  Chara, Riccia  restricted  to  only   few  patches  and  under  serious  threat.

Aside  from  environmental   degradation  mismanaged  tourism  cause  population  pressure  on  natural  habitats, tourists  also  leaves  garbage   and  pollution  associated  with  western  life   style  which  disturb  faunal  and    floral   diversity.

Practices associated with intensive, short rotation plantation forestry, that precludes or delay the development of old growth attributes, may result in long term loss of diversity. Ultimately, it may be necessary to manage some stands on long rotations to maintain understory species that require long periods to recover from disturbance.  Changing atmospheric conditions and lack of knowledge, infectious nature of some weeds are among the other factors responsible for the extinction of these important medicinal plant species.

In  tourist  places  natural  resource management  can  be utilized as  a  specialized  tool  for  development  of  tourism .Scientific  programs  can  be  introduced  for  the  conservation  of   natural  resource  so  that   these resources  remain  untouched.




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