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Green plants are one of the magnificent gifts of nature given to the mankind. Vegetation provides biomass to convert solar energy and forms the base of all available food chains. Vegetation also influences the energy balance at the earth’s surface and within the atmospheric boundary layer and responsible for formation of local climate. Vegetation releases oxygen, it supports different life forms on earth and regulate carbon sequestration process.

Garhwal Himalaya is a part of western Himalaya possesses unique, luxuriant and varied vegetation. Almost every plant has economic value from either a nutritional, aesthetic or medicinal viewpoint. In fact, a large percentage of crude drugs in the Indian market come from this Himalayan area. To have maximum monetary benefits, several area of this zone was hazardously exploited without taking into account the deteriorating effects like denudation of the natural vegetation, soil erosion, environmental problems, pollution of air and water, blockade of roads, silting of reservoirs, disruption of communication, spoilage of good agricultural lands and vanishing of aesthetics and perennial springs. Since long time native vegetation of Uttarakhand Himalaya is facing serious threats due to unsustainable     mining, tourism and urbanization.

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  • Neha Saini

    good ,ya Himalaya provide us a lot of natural resources

    • Janae

      Thanks so much for sharing, lots of helpful inifomatorn! I just learned about layers and it has opened so many options it’s hard to know where to start ~ your tutorial was great !

    • Kayden

      Stépahnie, les photos sont MAGNIFIQUES : SUBLIMES. Vous savez capter et mettre l’accent sur ce qui sera LA photo merveilleuse… quel que soit l’évènement d’une Vie !!!! Un vrai talent de photographe…. J&iuDso;AqOOOORE.Karrne.

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