Himalaya Day Report


Himalaya Bachao Abhiyan Ewam Swachchhata Pakhawada
01 Sep 2019- 15 Sep 2019 ( 15 Days Program)

1st Day- Oath Ceremony (01/09/2019)
Today, on the first day, all the faculty and college students gathered at the given time, then firstly Dr. R.N. Singh sir (Agriculture Principal) gave information about Himalaya Bachao Abhiyan and Cleanliness Fortnight. Explained to keep clean, avoid using polythene and save water. After that Dr. Pallavi mam (Dean Academic) a pledge was given to all the Faculties and students present in respect of Himalayan Bachao Abhiyan and Clean Fortnight.

2nd Day- Awarenwss Through Video Clippings (02/09/2019)
• First of all the students gathered were pledged by Dr. Pallavi (DEAN Academic) regarding Himalaya Bachao Abhiyan and Cleanliness Fortnight.
• All the students present through the video clipping were made aware of the Himalayan Bachao Abhiyan and Cleanliness Fortnight
• Information was given about the Himalayas, how they are helpful to us.
• The importance of cleanliness was explained.
• We should not to use polythene.
• One was asked to be aware every day about cleanliness.



3rd Day- Cleaniness of College campus (03/09/2019)
First of all, students took the Oath and then all the students in the college cleaned their respective blocks. Classrooms, Corridors, Stairs etc. have been paid attention to cleanliness everywhere. Newspapers were cut and placed for wrapping napkins in toilets. Students have maked posters for cleanliness.

Academic Block-I ( Dept. of Life Sciences & Paramedical)


Academic Block-II (Paramedical & Nursing)










Academic Block-III (Agriculture)



4th Day-Awareness campaign by Walk at ISBT area (04/09/2019)
First, the faculty administered the oath to all the students present in the college and then took them to ISBT, shouting slogans to the students from the college. After reaching there, shouting slogans circled ISBT and then took oath with the passengers present there. After that the garbage was picked up by the students and dumped in the dustbin and some students made people aware about the hygiene and sanitation through the cleanliness drive.











5th Day-Cleaning at the outside of College (05/09/2019)
First of all the students were administered oath as per daily and then all were taken outside the college for cleaning.



6th Day-Lecture by Dr. Anil Joshi sir (06/09/2019)
Anil Prakash Joshi is an Indian green activist, social worker, botanist and the founder of Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization (HESCO), a Dehradun-based non governmental organization involved in the development of environmentally sustainable technologies for the agricultural sector.





7thDay-Water body restoration & Plantation work at the Chandrabani area (07/09/2019)
The students cleaned around the water body resource in Chandrabani area and planted saplings there. Awareness about cleanliness was done around that area. People were made aware of the importance of that water resource and were made aware of cleanliness. The attendees were explained to maintain cleanliness in that water body and made them aware of maintaining cleanliness there.









Along with this, awareness was also raised for Himalaya Bachao Abhiyan and Swachh Pakhwada in Primary school and Government Pre-Secondary School in Chandrabani, Sewala Kalan, Dehradun and pledged to adopt sanitation and not spread dirt with teachers and students.

8th Day- Celebration Of Himalayan Day (09/09/2019)
Painting competition was done in the college for Himalayan Day Celebration. A lot of students participated happily.
After painting competition, then Dr. Ashwani Sir’s lecture in which he explained the importance of Himalayas and talked about maintaining cleanliness everywhere .











9th Day- Awareness Campaign in Transport Nagar (10/09/2019)
Students’ rally from the college turned out to Transport Nagar. All the students were moving ahead by loudly shouting “Do protect the environment, do first education for children”. Students continued on the road making people aware of cleanliness and not to use polythene. After reaching the Transport City, all the people around were called, explained them about the cleanliness drive and then they were sworn in to adopt the cleaning.



10th Day-Awareness program at Pelio, village (11/09/2019)
All the people present in the village were made aware about the cleanliness fortnight and information to save water. They were told that how can we save water, store rain water and use it properly. The village was explained to make Jal Shakti Gram and it was also told that together we will form a Gram Jal Shakti team in that village which will codify the working system. All present attendees agreed.

11th Day- Nukkad Natak & Plantation work (12/09/2019)
At Doon (P.G.) College, there was a street play or the Nukkad Natak by the students of Uttaranchal (P.G.) College of Sciences and Hospital, in which they were made aware for cleanliness. Was blessed Subsequently, plantation work was also done by the students there.










12thDay- Awareness campaign at Lohiya Nagar slum area (13/09/2019)
In Lohia Nagar slum area of Patel Nagar, people were made aware by students for cleaning, saving water, not throwing dirt in drains and not using polythene. People were administered the pledge to adopt cleanliness. They were told that they should not throw garbage in the drains, keep cleanliness around your house, diseases do not occur due to cleaning, the atmosphere is clean.







13thDay- Certifictes Distribution (14/09/2019)
Today, the entire fifteen-day program was concluded, showing the activities performed in fifteen days. The participation by the students was appreciated and certificates were distributed to the students participating in this campaign.




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