Global Strike for Climate Action

Venue-Gandhi Park

On 27/09/2019, everyone attended Gandhi Park on Friday and was sworn to shun the change of climate change and shouted loud slogans, giving reasons to unite there. Students of UCBMSH along with others present there took out an awareness rally to clean and avoid climate under global warming. The rally started from Gandhi Park and after turning from the clock tower, came back from the Isle Hall to Gandhi Park again. Information was given to protect and maintain the environment, then finally the signature campaign as well as the rally and awareness programs were ended.
Global warming refers to global averages, with the amount of warming varying by region. The term commonly refers to the mainly human-caused observed increase in global surface temperatures and its projected continuation, though there were also much earlier periods of global warming.
As the climate warms, it changes the nature of global rainfall, evaporation, snow, stream flow and other factors that affect water supply and quality. Specific impacts include: Warmer water temperatures affect water quality and accelerate water pollution. Climate change occurs when changes in Earth’s climate system result in new weather patterns that last for at least a few decades, and maybe for millions of years.
It may cause diseases, allergies and even death to humans; it may also cause harm to other living organisms such as animals and food crops, and may damage the natural or built environment. Both human activity and natural processes can generate air pollution.
Human activity is causing environmental degradation, which is the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air, water and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and pollution.

























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