Eye Donation

Like blood donation eye donation is also a service to mankind & benefit to society. Large number of person are blind all over the world, so it’s the duty of normal sighted person to wish to donate the eyes to the needy person after the death because one can donate the eyes only after death. It’s a voluntary donation so the person wishes to donate the eyes should make sure to inform the nearest family members about the intention of eyes donation after the death. After the death of that person it is the duty of the family members to inform the members of the nearest eye bank to fulfill the wishes of dead person. The eye bank will stores the eyes in bank & distribute to the needy & blind persons. There are large numbers of ophthalmology centers in each state where cornea of eyes are transplanted by the expert doctors to give vision to the blind persons. The removal of eye from the dead body is a procedure of about 15 -20 minutes only but it should be done by the trained medical practitioner within 4-5 hours after death. Only corneal blind persons can be benefitted by eye transplant process. Eyes are precious gift to mankind which one can utilize during life as well as after death too just by donation of eyes because eye never dies after death. Artificial corneas have not been developed & hence the only source for cornea blind is from human eye. Every person should pledge to donate eyes after death to give sight to the blind persons so that blind person can also see the beauty of the wonder full world through the donated eyes. Any person of any age can donate the eyes even if the person had some history of general diseases. The dreams of the blind persons to see the near dears come true by the donated eyes only the blind persons will also get sight by our donated eyes.

“Donate the eyes, Donate the eyes, Do not get shy, Do not get shy”

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