Tour Report On Asan Barrage, Dehradun

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Tour Report


Asan Barrage, Dehradun

Organized by – Department of Environmental Sciences

Organized Date – 18 March, 2017

Tour Report On Asan Barrage, Dehradun


Asan Barrage is a barrage in the Uttarakhand- Himachal Pradesh boarder region in Doon valley. Situated in the Districts of Dehradun and recently declared as a Bird Sanctuary. The wetland at AsanBarrage, is situated near the convergence of two rivers Asan and Yamuna. It’s a paradise for the Bird Watchers. The birds listed as globally endangered species in the IUCN (The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). This place has bird watching sites for the visitors.

Objectives of the Tour:

The tour was organized to measure flow rate, velocity, width and depth of water and sedimentation in river and wetland ecosystem.

Tour Report On Asan Barrage, Dehradun Uk


Main highlights of the study tour:

Asan Barrage is one of the important wetland found in Uttarakhand. This visit included main points:

  • How to measure width and depth of a river
  • To determine flow rate in a river at different point.
  • How to measure sedimentation in river bad.
  • Velocity of river water.
  • Quality of water.


Conclusion:Tour was successful in understanding the different objectives as given above and helps students to understand better practically.

Faculty with students:

Dr. PallaviChauhan

Dr. NidhiRawat

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