Tour Report of Kadwapani Swamp, Dehradun 18 February 2017

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Tour Report of Kadwapani Swamp, Dehradun

Organized byDepartment of Environmental Sciences

Organized Date18 February 2017

Tour Report of Kadwapani Swamp, Dehradun

Introduction: Just about 10 km from the hustle bustle of Dehradun is the FRH of Kadwapani nestled below the Shiwalik ridge. It can be approached from the Asaroi Gate on NH 72 towards Haridwar. It was built in 1885 by the British to manage the sal forests. The FRH gets its name from a water source 500m away which has a slight bitter taste.
There are no development trails but the forest road used by the foresters to Malhan range is very beautifully aligned with forests on either side. This forest road further connects to Timli via the Johnson Road and the Muilward Road leading to Timli range. From Timli one can visit the FRH and the Asan Barrage. It is a beautiful drive through the forests on either side. Surrounded by dense Sal forests. A water source named Kadwapani (bitter in taste) is situated 500m away from the FRH. Ideal for bird watching and nature walk. Wild Life (Leopard, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Wild boar, Porcupine, Peacock etc.) can be seen in the wild around FRH.

 Tour Report of Kadwapani Swamp, Dehradunuk

Photo : Student study the periphyton diversity in swamp

Objectives of the Tour: The tour was organized to explore the bio diversity of the swamp area. Study the anthropozanic activity effect on diversity.

Main highlights of the study tour:

The Swamp forest area is rich in Sal forest with huge population of monkeys that have been invading the area with lure of food from temple visitors. The forest is enriched in many floral species such as Mallotus sp.,Grevellia sp.,Serpentous sp., Tectonagrandis etc.


The tour was fruitful in understanding the forest and Swamp diversity.

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