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On dated 5th of February, 2016 our college organized an educational visit. This visit was related to the Botany. We went to the two nurseries with our faculties of the botany department. i.e. Dr. Neha Saini and Dr. Sandeep Dhyani. We were very excited about our visit. We were the student of BSc. Biotech, MSc Botany and BSc. Horticulture.

The first nursery was Rajeshwari nursery in Mohkampur Dehradun. We reached there at 10:30 am. There we met with Mr. Arjun who tell us about plants and their scientific name. We saw different type of plants having different type of qualities. We saw that they are taking care of plants according to their favorable condition. We saw some plants whose name is Pothose (also known as devil’s ivy), caladium (also known as elephant car), Ficus elastica (also known a rubber fig) etc. We learn many plant name in very short time because of the atmosphere of there. We found our surrounding very fresh and greening. So our teacher also buy some plants from there to make our botany lab quite fresh and inspirable. We also click some pictures. Then we left the nursery at 12’o clock.

Our second visit was to the Anurag nursery, where the name of the plant were labeled. We reached there around 12:30 pm. This nursery is situated in Ballupur, Dehradun. There atmosphere was very clan. We learn about so many plants some of them are law Sonia intermis, Magnifera indica, Prumis dulcis etc.

We found our trip very successful with the support of experienced and responsible faculties. It brought forth a new dimension of teaching students feedback during the visit to various nursery was very overwhelming. Allen Klein said that “It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual”. I found it, very true in this trip. This trip was quite enjoyable and knowledgeable.

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                                             Shreya Negi

                                       (B.Sc Biotechnology IInd Sem)

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