Outdoor Classes in Present Environment

Event Description

Outdoor classes conducted by the Zoology & EVS department. To enhance the student Knowledge in present status of biodiversity & water monitoring. The expert faculty gives the practical knowledge and status of present biota. The student of Department of Zoology visited with different expert faculty in the different fields.

    1. Visit in Pond & River side– The students studied about the ecological studies regarding biophysico water quality parameters and fish diversity.

  1. Visit in Agriculture Field -The Students of M.Sc Zoology studied the diversity of insects in the wheat fields and observed a diversity of ladybird beetles who are an important biological pest controlling agent.

This Outdoor classes was beneficial for the students as they-

  1. Visited the natural site related with river ecology.
  2. Performed practical experiments in the field itself.
  3. Conservation knowledge about Insitu AND Exsitu environment.
  4. See Natural Habitat of Diversity.


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