Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. G.S. Randhawa, IIT, Roorkee

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A guest lecturer by Prof. Dr. G.S. Randhawa, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, was delivered on entitled, “Milestones of Gene and Genome Research and How to get success in Academic Life”, on 13th February, 2016 for the students of Paramedical, Life Sciences and Agro sciences in the Uttaranchal (PG) College of Bio-medical Sciences and Hospital.

Prof. G.S. Randhawa has completed his school and higher education from Punjab and he has excellent track of record in his higher and Postdoctoral education. He has visited many times to USA and European countries for Research. He got Young Scientist research award, ITC fellowship, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and many more prestigious awards in teaching and research. Prof. G.S. Randhawa has more than 32 years of teaching and 42 years of research experiences.

Prof. Randhawa has supervised more than 24 PhD projects, 9 are under progress and at the same time he has completed more than 67 M.Sc. research projects, 20 summer projects, 9 B.Tech. Projects. He has participated and presented his research work in many international training, conferences, workshops, symposia etc. Prof. G. S. Randhawa has been working in IIT Roorkee, Biotechnology Department for the past 32 years and he is a IIT Director equivalent professional with rich experience in Academic, Research and Administration. Additionally, Prof. G.S. Randhawa is an Athletic, Poet and Literature writer.
The Guest lecturer was conducted on the topic, “Milestones of Gene and Genome Research,” and Prof. Randhawa has briefed the students about the concepts related to genetics and their significance in genome research. It was an enlightening session as Prof. shared real life experiences and told to the students about the importance and background of gene and genome research. Prof. Randhawa focused on contribution of every scientist from the beginning to till date in his presentation in more than 150 slides in one and half hour lecture. Prof. Randhawa has made his lecture very interesting by displaying scientists’ pictures and their contributions and in addition to that he revealed some of the real life stories of scientists. He concluded the session by a few lines of a beautiful poem.
It was a learning and interactive session for the students and faculty where Prof. G. S. Randhawa answered to all the queries put up by the students to their full satisfaction.

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