High  heels leads to adverse effect on the spine. If high heels , are worn everyday, it can affect the back. Back pain appears with age as the rubbery cushions between each bone wear away.

Joints become stiffer and less flexible leading to pain that can radiate to the legs and arms.

A women’s body attempts to compensate either by flexing or forward bending the hips and spine. In order to maintain balance, the calf , hips, and back  muscles become tensed leading to excessive muscular fatigue and strain to the back.

Impact in back– The normal S-curve of spine acts as a shock absorber reducing stress on the vertebrae. Wearing high heels causes lumbar spine flattening and a posterior displacement of head and thoracic spine.

Impact on Posture– A high heel shoe places an increased amount of pressure on forefoot causing women to adjust the rest of the body to maintain balance. The lower part of the body leans forward , and  to compensate this, the upper part of the body leans back to maintain balance.

Anatomical changes

  • Shortening of Calf muscles.
  • Thickening of Achilles tendon

Spondylolysthesis .i.e. slippage of one vertebra forward over the other , especially in the lumbar region of the spine where the body’s weight is concentrated.


1.Avoid wearing high heels for long period of time.

2.Stretch leg muscles before and after putting them on.

3.Try and set limit to 2 inches.

4.Don’t go for pointed shoes.

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